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01Vision - CAS will be the premier and most sought-after Claims Insurance Administrator in South Africa by providing extraordinary customer service and high quality professional services that exceeds all competition.

02Mission - To provide a professional claims administrative service with a touch of legal excellence to our clients. 

03Values - To conduct our business honestly and effectively. We shall constantly improve our quality of services, products and operations and will create a reputation of fairness, respect, transparency, quality, diversity, innovation and integrity. The ethical performance of our Company is the sum of the ethics of our staff.

04Our objective - To provide a professional and extra-ordinary administrative service to our clients pertaining to the submission of short-term insurance claims on behalf of our clients.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive administration service submitting insurance claims to the various short-term insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assist clients with the correct claim process; 
  • Consult with Insurance Companies / Insurance Brokers on behalf of clients and obtain all necessary information to ensure that claim forms and required documentation is submitted in full and correctly 
  • Obtain detailed quotations of all stolen or missing items from service providers on behalf of clients;
  • Submit completed claim form and quotations and other required documentation to insurance companies/brokers;
  • We assist our clients with all short-term related claims e.g. theft, housebreakings, robberies, missing items, etc. 
  • We liaise and negotiate the settlement of our clients claims with insurance companies on behalf of our clients;
  • Provide clients with claim numbers and keep clients informed on the status of their claim —   clients will not be kept in the dark and will exactly know at what stage their claim is in the claim process;